Đa Kao xin chào!

Đa Kao Restaurant is a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant created by two young and passionate Vietnamese individuals.

Our restaurant is mainly driven by the endless love for our home-country cuisine and the ambition of bringing this authentic cookery one step closer to the world.

“We are proudly committed to bringing our Vietnamese dishes under this mix of 5 principles – creativity, authenticity, heartiness, quality and simplicity.


Đa Kao Restaurant was founded on March 9, 2022. Our restaurant name is inspired by the signature Đa Kao ward – A central region in District 1, Sài Gòn, Vietnam, where both owners were born and grew up.

The Founders


Home is where it all started. The farther we have gone and seen the world, the more love and appreciation we have for our motherland’s culture. The adoration has ignited the ambition within us to represent our Vietnamese cuisine in the international environment and bring the light of pride to our nation.

Not only do we want to bring Viet cuisine to the world, but we also want to convey our history and culture to everyone who comes to have a taste at Đa Kao restaurant. We embed these stories and values into everything we do – the dishes we cook, the way we serve and how we tell stories on our social channels.

Why Choose Us?

With Đa Kao restaurant, we take pride in serving our authentic Vietnamese dishes creatively and innovatively. We have included many fusion and distinctive dishes that have never been seen in other Edmonton’s Vietnamese restaurants while keeping the Vietnamese originality and taste.

We have decided to cook our dishes more creatively with proper adaption to the target customers’ taste without losing the originality of our home dishes. With a team full of young, knowledgeable and spirited staff, we also take top-notch, people-oriented customer service as the core of our business.

We prepare and cook our dishes fresh every day to ensure their quality
is always on point.

To support Edmonton’s economic development, we are proudly committed to only using locally-sourced ingredients where possible. With Đa Kao, we believe that our dishes will not only convey the fantastic cuisine and beautiful culture of Vietnam to the world, but they also make meaningful contribution to the local development.