Appetizer section includes spring rolls, deep-fried wontons, salad rolls, passionfruit deep-fried shrimps, taro fries

Bánh Mì

Banh Mi section includes char siu banh mi and lemongrass chicken banh mi


Specials section includes pork chops on rice, 5-colour vermicelli bowl, special pho, beef stew with egg noodles, dragonfruit salad rolls, mixy pho tron

Grilled Vermicelli Bowl

(substitute Vermicelli for Rice – optional)


Pho section includes vegetarian pho, chicken pho

Other Soup

Other Soup section includes peanut sate noodle soup, wonton noodle soup and bun bo hue
Other Soup section includes wonton soup with egg noodles, hue beef noodle soup, peanut sate noodle soup and hot & sour tom yum noodle soup
Thanh Giong meal upgrade

Kid Menu – Mini Bowl

Side Order


Dessert section includes kem bo, avocado smoothie with ice cream and house-made flan cakes with ice cream


Drinks section includes viet iced capp, kumquat green tea, milk tea, guava tea, strawberry tea, mango smoothie

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