The Signature Đa Kao’s Phin filter

Price: $15 (not included tax)

Material: Aluminum – Anodized colour

Diameter: 75 x 90mm

Volume: 170ml

Proudly made in Vietnam

*Custom order available (Only for orders with over 100+ phin filters) – Contact [email protected] for a quotation.

**In-store purchase only.


– Enjoy your coffee in the most Vietnamese way.

– Compact design – Easy to carry anywhere you go and also a perfect gift idea.

– Robust and bold flavour for your cup of coffee.


Step 1: Slightly rinse the phin filter with hot water. 

Step 2: Put your favourite ground coffee in the chamber (around 3-4 coffee spoons), place it on the plate and then put them on your cup.

Step 3: Slowly pour 30ml hot water over the coffee surface.

Step 4: After the ground coffee has absorbed the water, pressure the coffee with the damper, then add in 50ml hot water. After that, close the coffee chamber with the lid and wait for the coffee to drip.

Instruction video from the Nguyen Coffee Supply

Washing cautions:

Avoid using extreme chemical detergents/cleansers.